Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday CJ Random 11

It's one better than Shit Sandwich!

I had to get out my Alfonso Ribiero Breakin' Board yesterday and dance for The Man, which prevented me from putting this up on Friday, the way God commanded in the 11th commandment, Keep holy the random music post day. The very canny Uncanny Canadian did not let God, Pinko, or AG stop him from putting up his excellent Friday Night Videos Minus the Videos before the deadline. I salute his dedication.

1) “Catapult,” R.E.M. Mmmm, jangly (drools).

2) “Looks Just Like the Sun,” Broken Social Scene. Lo and behold, who makes a guest appearance on Weekend at Brando’s? The Sun! Just in time, too. I was about to start my own tire fire to accelerate global warming. On a music-related note, this laid-back gem is like a big, comfortable hammock for my ears.

3) “Sixteen,” No Doubt.

BUTT-HEAD: Uh, huh-huh-huh, is this Save Ferris?
BEAVIS: Shut up, Butt-Head, Gwen Stefani's hot. Hmm, hmm, boing!
BUTT-HEAD: Yeah, but we're not watching her, we're listening to her, dillweed.
BEAVIS: Oh, yeah. This sucks.

4) “Dedicated Follower of Fashion (Live),” The Kinks. Not quite as good as the studio version because the crowd sings the chorus. If I want to hear drunken warbling I’ll leave a voice mail for myself while singing along with the jukebox at the Foxhead.

5) “Lullaby + Exile,” M. Ward. Weary + Beautiful.

6) “Bride and Bridle,” The Long Winters. Achy + not quite as good as M. Ward. Also, Bride and Bridle sounds like it would be the title of an episode of Real Sex about how married people keep the lovin' fresh.

7) “Eraser,” Nine Inch Nails. I think I’m officially Reznortose-intolerant. I can no longer digest the I-hate-myself-and-want-to-die screams. If he really did, he’d be dead. If he’s not dead, then he’s lying, which makes Baby Jesus cry. I can still swallow some of Pretty Hate Machine, but not without shots. Lots of shots.

8) “Gravity’s Gone,” Drive-By Truckers. One of my favorites of 2006. It has a nice honky-tonk vibe and a witty chorus: So I’ll meet you at the bottom if there really is one / They always told me when you hit it you’ll know it / But I’ve been fallin' so long it feels like gravity’s gone / and I’m just floatin’. You know it’s honky tonk when you ain’t got time to annunciate your participles fully.

9) “Secret Smile,” Semisonic. Hi there, I’m Semisonic. You might remember from such hits as “Closing Time” and “Closing Time (Radio Edit).” Too bad for them, this was a good album. Their drummer wrote (!) a pretty entertaining book about their experience, So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star. It made me glad my fantasy of being a rock drummer remained a fantasy.

10) “Suddenly Last Summer,” The Motels. It happened one summer / It happened one time / It happened forever / For a short time. I think she’s singing about how "Only the Lonely" didn't give them the long-term career beachhead they neeeded.

11) “Are You Gonna to Move It for Me?” The Donnas. I swear, honey, I only like them for the riffs!


BOSSY said...

Interesting theory about the Motels. Reminds Bossy of the theory that Bowie's "Fashion" is about Ronald Reagan.

Churlita said...

I could never get into NIN.I think I was always too old for them. If they had started when I was in junior high or high school, I probably would have been all over them.

Anonymous said...

Fashion! Turn to the left!

Anonymous said...

monique powell is the hottest redhead singer i've heard of!

i like the BSS, just starting into them :)

(and dittos about the reznorade.)

Brando said...

I do like Save Ferris' cover of "Come on Eileen." And while Monique Powell is pretty, my red-headed singer flame belongs to Neko Case.

It was funny hearing NIN pop up. I used to really like Reznor but am so over his act.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Neko Case. Brando is a man with fine taste in someone with a great .... um.... voice?

Love the Broken Social Scene song. I don't love that CD like some others do, but Looks Just Like The Sun is very good. I also love that M. Ward track. Like others, I'll pass on the NIN. I do love bands with palindromic acronyms, though. Looks great on the page.