Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday CJ Random 11

It’s one more day late than Friday!

I didn’t have time to transcribe my audio tasting notes into a full-featured blog yesterday. I hope this is the last one I write from underneath the bitter, chapped scrotum of Old Man Winter.

1) “Lola,” The Kinks. I think this is Ted Haggard’s favorite song. Or Ann Coulter’s. I know it’s one of mine, but I the only thing I have in common with those two is the Adam’s apple.

2) “Babyface,” U2. Bono's worst career choice ever? The Fly sunglasses. They blocked out the light from even great, mellow songs like this. Always be cognizant of your eyewear.

3) “Here Comes My Baby,” Cat Stevens. Does Cat have a hard time spotting his baby now that she’s wearing a burka?

4) “Let It Ride,” Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. I would rather have Adams’ backing band be called the Cubs, but then his record contract would immediately burst into flames, he’d have a stack of amps fall on him during a show, and he would never record a song again. So I'll let it slide.

5) “Deeper Into Movies,” Yo La Tengo. Dense, noisy, and catchy, which is very hard to pull off. The swirling guitars at the end really match the 40 mph winds howling outside.

6) “Moonshiner,” Uncle Tupelo. No one else makes depression sound so great like Jay Farrar. The regret and despair are so thick in this song, they’re maple flavored.

7) “When I’m Thinking About You,” The Sundays. The Lovely Becky sings The Sundays really well. Nice to hear this when she’s out of town, it makes me feel like she’s here for three-and-a-half minutes.

8) “Holy Wars...The Punishment Due,” Megadeth. And now we move from the cool side to the hot side of the McDLT . I don't think I could deliberately match two songs that don't go together more than The Sundays and Megadeth. Dave Mustaine's voice reminds me of my singing (note: not good), but the fast/slow/really, really fast music is chock full of thrashy goodness. I must air guitar...

9) “Smile,” Elastica. Such musical thieves that they got sued not once, not twice, but three times for ripping off riffs from other bands on their debut album. That’s a lawsuit about every 12 minutes on the album. But in the end, they’re like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They rob in such entertaining fashion you want them to keep holding up banks.

10) “Disorder and Disarray,” Rancid. Speaking of thieves and not caring. ...And Out Come the Wolves is one of my favorite albums of the 90s. They get a lot of criticism for sounding a lot like The Clash. That’s like complaining that your current orgasm is a lot like your previous ones. Who cares, you’re still having an orgasm!

11) “Behind Blue Eyes,” The Who. The perfect way to end this list, with the crisp, cool beginning topping the hot, beefy, Keith-Moon-filled end. My rating: delicious.

I'm off to shovel snow (note: not in the rock star nasal fashion). Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Deeper Into Movies is so so so so amazing and easily my gem of your bulletproof random11.

Noelle said...

I would be so mad if Ann Coulter or Ted Haggared started getting into my music. I don't even like them breathing the same air as me.

fish said...

Wow that is the best description of why I love Rancid, especially since towards the end, the Clash stopped sounding like the Clash, and you know, sucked instead.

Churlita said...

Nice random 11. Cat Stevens and Megadeth. It's hard, but really funny to think they live on the same planet.

Michael Bains said...

Too bad about yer variety o' snow, eh.

And definitely a kickin' ending to the set!

Anonymous said...

Yo La Tengo. What are you, cock teasing UC?

My gawd.

Brando said...

UC, I agree, "Deeper Into Movies" is amazing. Although I didn't mean to make AG jealous.

Noelle, I never let the cobags ruin my fun. The National Review's list of "conservative" rock songs had some ones I love, and damn if I'm going to let those guys spoil those songs with their Geico caveman misinterpretations.

Fish, exactly. Cut the Crap was never recorded in my history.

Michael, you should head over to Churlita's blog and see her pics of our inconvenient weather. It's like we procrastinated on winter until February and then crammed it all in.

BOSSY said...

Sorry, but Bossy is too into The Cat Empire to introduce anything else. (Two Shoes, Hello)

bjkeefe said...

You got some great tunes on your iPod, no doubt about it, but jesus. Lola? Behind Blue Eyes?

I could go the whole rest of my life without ever hearing either of those songs again. Blame it on my advanced age, blame it on FM radio and its bastard hellion, "classic rock radio," but please, Brando, stop listening to that kind of stuff. Next thing you know, you'll be raving about "Layla" and you know what happens next -- you become one of those people who seriously means it when he shouts, at every concert, "Free Bird."

bjkeefe said...

Oh, and by the way? Cat Stevens has always sucked.


The only good thing about the Patriot Act is it kept Yusef-whatever-his-name-is-now out of my country.

Okay, I don't really mean that, but I do hate his music.

Brando said...

Bossy, haven't heard of The Cat Empire. What are they like?

Oh, Brendan, I understand the feeling, but I'll never get tired of The Kinks or The 'hoo. Admittedly, those are not my favorites by them, but I do love those songs. Ironically, the only Skynyrd song I can stand is Freebird. I'd rather listen to the Drive-By Truckers singing about them than the band itself.

That's the only Cat Stevens song I have -- it's on there because of the Rushmore soundtrack. I do like it -- Wes Anderson knows how to pick the right songs for his scenes, and it makes me think of the movie. Anything that makes me think of Rushmore is good.

bjkeefe said...

I agree about "Rushmore" -- in fact, I was surprised at how much I liked the movie, since I loathed my days in private school, and find it impossible to imagine that anyone would want to go to one. I don't remember the Cat Stevens song from that film, so it's possible that I don't cringe at every song in his catalog. The ones I do know, however ...

The only Skynyrd song I still like is "I Know A Little." Steve Gaines was a big loss in that plane crash.

Wait till you're my age, and have heard "classic" rock for another ten years. You'll see the light, and jump on the "Lola" and "Behind Blue Eyes" ban-wagons. Come to that, we should start a list of songs killed by overplay. "Stairway," of course, is the canonical first entry.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, now all I can think of is a Busby Berkeley chorus line of burka clad women dancing, chastely, of course, to "Here Comes My Baby."

Anonymous said...

AG isn't jealous. She likes actual good music. You can have UC and his food bills. He's a 100 plus lb. tiger. If you think you can handle my little Schmoopies: he's all yours!

teh l4m3 said...

Um, yeah, Cat Stevens was pretty much 1/3 of what made Harold & Maude utterly unwatchable for me.