Tuesday, April 04, 2006

If you buy this book, you can sleep with my wife*

Today is a big day at Casa del Brando. My wife has published her first novel:

Icebergs, by Rebecca Johns

Icebergs is a multigenerational family epic. It starts with a plane crash off the coast of Labrador in Canada during World War II, and follows the families of two of the crew members, Walt Dunmore and Al Clark. The novel moves through the 1960s and into the present, showing how this one event continues to reverberate through the lives of the Dunmores and Clarks. (The plane crash is actually based on the real-life crash of Becky's grandfather's plane during the Second World War.)

It was written by this lovely lady:

When our friend MSF saw this photo, she said that Becky looked like she had just had good sex.

I looked at MSF and said, "Well, duh!"

Then I asked, "Seriously, who is she seeing?"

But in all seriousness, it's a great book, an intricate story spanning generations written with such beauty that, truth be told, there was some dust in my eyes when I got to the end.

You can also read her fabulous new blog, Illiterati, or as she labels it, "Inside one writer's mental breakdown."

So put down the blog and buy the book. If enough of you do so, you'll fulfill my lifelong dream of being a kept man. And if you act now, you can have sex with the author.*

*Offer not valid to persons with male genitals. Not valid with female persons who are prettier, more intelligent, nicer smelling, or better at arm wrestling than the author of this blog.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the lovely lady! Quite an accomplishment and it sounds like an interesting story -- and I may do my part so that you can be a kept man.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! If I read it twice, who can I sleep with since the offer does not apply to me.

Brando said...

That's a good question, AG. I will need to run it by legal.

Anonymous said...

Be careful, Brando. I know some women who fit the description in your disclaimer.