Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Top Ten Tuesdays: What are we doing during the blackouts?

Special extended outage edition!

15) Stealing items that require electricity.

14) Playing “let’s pretend we’re in Lebanon” with the kids.

13) Getting out the candles and back issues of Penthouse.

12) Continuing to be Amish.

11) Going to garage to sleep in running car so we’ll have AC.

10) Knocking back 40s until we black out.

9) Attempting to pick up women by donning a hardhat, orange vest, fake mustache, and air of authority.

8) Generating light by overturning cars and setting them on fire.

7) Double-fisting pints of Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia before they melt.

6) Wishing we had batteries for the Hitachi Magic Wand.

5) Making Freon martinis.

4) Pulling the plug on our chances for reelection.

3) Exchanging Jesus for our new savior, the Sun God.

2) Thinking about reading a book.

1) Sitting in front of dark TV, sobbing uncontrollably.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Freon martinis!!!

I think your doing what one does when it snows. Just sayin'...

Chuckles said...

We does eveyone love Cherry Garcia? I can't stand that vile concoction. It tastes like someone who had only heard descriptions of ice cream from 6 year olds tried to make it.

Brando said...

Don't be a hata, Chuckles.

Actually, I used to like CG, but I'm more of a Phish Food guy. I am a sucker for the marshmallow goo.

AG, my simple brain is unable to understand what you mean.

teh l4m3 said...


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Oh no, now teh teh is over here but doesn't come by RoD! WTF? WTF? teh teh, AG hasn't said one word, not one word about Prince in days. Why the hatin'?

Brando -- think about it for a minute. Think about the long, long winters and what there is to do on those cold dark snowy days when there isn't anything on TV.

teh l4m3 said...

Um maybe AG it's because I get an error 400 whenever I try to find your broke-ass page.