Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Top Ten Tuesdays: What bowl bids did we receive?

Special expanded final BCS standings edition!

15) The Brownie Bowl, sponsored by FEMA
14) The Third Annual Army-Navy Extended Deployment Bowl
13) The Kissing Cousins (With Tongue) Bowl
12) The Los Angeles Speak English or Die Bowl, sponsored by Hooked on Phonics
11) The I’m Only Doing This to Pay My Way Through College Bowl
10) The Viagra Limp Records Bowl
9) The Indictment Bowl, brought to you by the GOP
8) The What’s a Nice Red State Boy Like You Doing in a Bathhouse Like This Bowl
7) The Halliburton Profiteering Bowl
6) The Of Course We’re Straight Motor City Bowl, sponsored by Ford
5) The Capital One It's Never Too Early For Revolving Debt Bowl
4) The Intelligent Design Bowl, sponsored by your imagination
3) The Fox News Say Merry Christmas, Motherfucker Bowl
2) The Matriculation Bowl (sponsor pending)
1) The Thank God They Went Undefeated So Our Stupid Championship System Wouldn’t Look Even More Stupid Bowl


PJKM said...

Re: Bowl #15, you may be interested in a popular party food here in New Orleans right now, as reported in yesterday's Times-Picayune - a plate of you're-doing-a-heck-of-a-job-brownies.

Brando said...

I imagine the recipe requires that you make half the amount you need and that they taste like shit.

PJKM said...

And after making them, you can start your own cooking consultancy firm.