Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Top Ten Tuesdays: How did we end up on this year's naughty list?

Special 12 days of Christmas edition!

12) Got caught giving "milk and cookies" to a desperate Mrs. Claus.
11) Gave the thumbs up to a reality show starring Bobby Brown.
10) Made Baby Jesus cry by wishing people "Happy Holidays."
9) Supported terrorism.
8) Supported torture.
7) Copied music illegally. Copying music is very, very, very wrong, like stealing filet mignon right out of Bono’s mouth. (This number has been brought to you by the RIAA.)
6) Used the body of Katie Holmes as a Thetan spawning ground.
5) Touched more young boys than a Catholic priest during confirmation.
4) Tried to make our own naughty list without a warrant.
3) Ran the Star Wars franchise into the ground, lit it on fire, and pissed on the ashes.
2) Did a heck of a job on New Orleans.
1) Started a blog that clearly hates freedom.

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The Humanity Critic said...

Happy Holidays!!