Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Top Ten Tuesdays: What's landing us in hot water?

10) Grave misunderstanding with the cannibals.

9) Getting our views on 9/11 from someone with two-and-a-half brain cells.

8) Sending official government business from our hot4bush@gop.org account.

7) Calling out name of husband's brother during sex, causing brother to pop out from the bedroom closet.

6) Being racially insensitive toward those people.

5) The warm ocean currents turning our prime beach front property into Atlantis.

4) Turning the bidet into a flamethrower.

3) Making our Bollywood production of Shall We Be Burned in Effigy.

2) Throwing the Book of Judges at criminals.

1) Suggesting that college kids who can’t handle six-packs responsibly should be packing heat.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that global warming and terrorism are now being linked together.

I watched the Rosie video on You Tube that you linked. I love that Bette Midler look-a-like's rip on Yale!

Churlita said...

We had two different students on Campus last year, who threatened to pull a Gang Lu on us, because they were pissed-off. Wouldn't it have been great if they were allowed to carry concealed weapons, so they could have acted on their urges right when they were angry?

Michael Bains said...

I went and did #4 when I started dancin' in Clubs. It's quicker and hurts a lot less than shaving.

Anonymous said...

2 points:

1 - so you heard of the richard gere dustup. i will have more to say on that when and if i can keep my eye on it for a couple more days,.

2 - i can't believe you don't have a link for #7

Brando said...

aif, sometimes I use my nightmares as the basis for these ;-)

(that one's going to gross out TLB)

BOSSY said...

What's landing us in hot water?

11) Trader Joe's new Chocolate flavored Tea bags.

fish said...

10) Grave misunderstanding with the cannibals.

First thing that came to mind?

Meanwhile, back in the jungle...

fish said...

Rats buggered teh link.

Go here:


Brando said...

Nice one, fish. That's a great performance from the Dolls.