Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Top Ten Tuesdays: Why have our confirmations been blocked?

10) Refused to remove tinfoil hat during hearings.
9) Congress didn’t see the comedy gold in an anti-UN UN ambassador.
8) Those meddling kids.
7) Unable to fulfill duties after getting radiation sickness from nuclear option.
6) Mustache leapt from face and devoured Chuck Schumer’s soul.
5) Made the mistake of telling Pat Leahy to go fuck himself before assuming office.
4) Liberal media was totally biased in writing about time I hit pregnant State Dept. staffer with a brick.
3) Shouldn’t have answered abortion question in tongues.
2) As usual, because of the Jews.
1) Apparently, acting like a bullying, stubborn, unprofessional prick for most of your career does have consequences.


SER said...

Heh! I love everything here. I'll never have to be disappointed by Shouts&Murmurs again - I can just turn on the Internets instead of throwing the NYer against the wall.

Brando said...

SER, I am coming after The New Yorker with guns a'blazin'. I plan to hire Tina Brown as managing editor next week.

PJKM said...

But she'll spend all your money, and drink all your Diet Coke. She's probably planning a magazine called "Blog" right now.

I like your web site, and so does TMM.