Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Top Ten Tuesdays: Why Are We Blogging?

  1. In love with the sound of our own fingers.
  2. Hoping lack of fact-checking, accuracy, and objectivity will lead to gig on Fox.
  3. Not going to let a bunch of short-sighted, elitist agents and editors prevent the world from reading my unpublished novel.
  4. Gotta do something to get people to notice me instead of my skanky, drunk, twin sister, Jenna.
  5. Wanted to provide much needed context for pictures of my cat, Fluffy.
  6. Really wanted to show support for the brave, wise, firm President, but without changing out of pajamas.
  7. Obsessively documenting the myriad of pointless, uninteresting minutia in our lives makes them seem slightly less pointless and uninteresting.
  8. Because if enough of us write about the dangers of war, theocracy, environmental destruction, corporate exploitation, and the attack on our civil liberties, maybe, just maybe, the Democrats will gain a seat in the House.
  9. Good exercise for stretching tendons after masturbating.
  10. Someone once said we were funny and it really went to our head.

1 comment:

Grendel said...

Nice work, sir. Like number 9 -- tell it like it is, bro!