Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Top Ten Tuesdays: How are we preparing for the new Star Wars movie?

10) Breaking out the Chewbacca Underoos
9) Taping down penis so it doesn’t show through Princess Leia costume
8) Debating whether to save time and flush $10 down the toilet now
7) Using Force on Ebert to move thumb upward
6) Getting ready to have self sealed in carbonite since life will now be complete
5) Building up immunity to wooden dialog and hammy acting by watching original Star Wars
4) Diverting Air Force One to nearest Loews multiplex
3) Making sure the ammo clip is full in case any cuddly teddy bears or jive-talking aliens appear on screen
2) Having “lightsaber duels” with other guys in line
1) Buying a buttload of wheelbarrows to carry all the cash back to Skywalker ranch

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