Monday, January 23, 2006

Top Ten Tuesdays: Why is God angry with us?

Recently, Mayor Ray Nagin and Reverend Pat Robertson have suggested that God has been angry with various individuals and locations, including America. Why is God so mad?

10) Took communion 57 minutes after eating, instead of waiting the full 60.
9) Displeased with Republican attempt to offer the sick, poor, and elderly as a sacrifice.
8) Had his phone tapped by the White House.
7) Cross about having “love your neighbor as you love yourself” changed to “launch a pre-emptive strike on your neighbor before you suspect he might launch one at you.”
6) Didn’t tithe 10% of the money we got from Abramoff.
5) Insulted about having his Son transformed into a Savior that licks himself.
4) Couldn’t believe Brad left Jen for Angelina.
3) Didn’t receive his pre-ordered XBox 360 because of shortages.
2) Bush keeps bragging about how they're tight and they talk all the time when God's like whatever, talk to the burning bush, Shrub.
1) Snoozbar 7, Sunday Services 0.

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