Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Top Ten Tuesdays: New British anti-terrorism measures

10) Unleashing re-animated Winston Churchill.
9) Holding "win a date with The Spice Girls" contest for all non-exploding Muslims.
8) Authorizing James Bond to search all beautiful Arab women for clues.
7) Requiring all tube and bus riders to hug a rabbi before boarding.
6) Asking Hogwarts to speed up development of new spell, Nutter Spotus Promptus.
5) Starting new public awareness campaign: “They really hate Muslims in Ireland.”
4) Improving identification of suicide bombings with nationwide “all nude, all the time” policy.
3) Conducting cavity searches between tea and biscuits.
2) Allowing Prince Charles to declare prima noctae on all virgins waiting for terrorists in Paradise.
1) Giving those terrorist fucks the finger by continuing their daily routines.

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