Monday, July 18, 2005

"How do you know he's a presidential candidate?"

"'Cause he hasn't got shit all over him."

George "not Rudy" Pataki conducted a little pressing-of-the-flesh in Des Moines (De Monet, De Monet!) this last weekend. Here's how the objective New York Times described the event:

Expertly sidestepping dried dung at a county fair here Saturday night, the tall, tanned man with a big grin and an outstretched palm looked every inch thecandidate barnstorming before the Iowa presidential caucuses.

"Hi, I'm George Pataki, from New York!" he said, raising his voice over the oinks and bleats and neighs in the livestock barns nearby.

"I know you!" cried Todd Parker, standing amid hog-filled pens. "You're a celebrity. I've seen you on Fox News."

I imagine the Times reporter was also expecting Parker to inform Pataki which hogs was for eatin' and which ones was for fuckin'.

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