Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Top Ten Tuesdays: Most coveted intangibles for the NBA draft

The NBA Draft is tonight, and general managers from around the league will be looking for the next superstars for their teams. What qualities do they seek?

10) More college championships than illegitimate kids
9) Plans to use signing bonus to buy some vowels
8) Lack of buttons on suit foreshadows seamless transition to the NBA
7) Only corn rows he has are on family farm in Iowa
6) Flashed a lot of leadership qualities while in the prison yard
5) Poor, rural Eastern European background means team can pay player in goats
4) Demonstrates politeness by spraying uniform with Febreze after toking up
3) Takes charges like a veteran when they are read against him in court
2) Showed tolerance for other cultures by letting Jewish kid take tests for him
1) Almost ready to start puberty


Grendel said...

That Febreze site offered the surprising news that it's Couch Appreciation Month. I did not know that.

Brando said...

Now I feel bad for having ordered a replacement couch.

Febreze was the one thing that could get the Foxhead stink out of my jackets.