Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays: What's landing us in hot water?

10) Sending 3 a.m. booty call text to the district attorney.

9) Putting the automatic in automatic pilot.

8) Saying that our political opponents are bigger than Judas.

7) Betting the kids’ college fund on Duke.

6) Learning that our proven track record of monogamy disqualifies us from being governor.

5) Bringing out our dead when they’re not dead yet.

4) Having our national assets in a sling fund.

3) Addding a little too much George Jefferson to our Thomas Jefferson.

2) Admitting recollections manufactured in Bosnia have suffered a factory recall.

1) Being too eager to serve man.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Did you forget this:

11. Voting for Obama with pride in front of AG.

Go Hillary, you cobagz!

Brando said...

At least I got the list up before you came over here today.

Anonymous said...

From that wonderful last link...

The monsters told cops: "We had nothing against him personally - we just wanted to see what human meat tasted like."

They were sentenced to between three years and life in prison.

Gah to the nth degree!!!!

Jennifer said...

BG- I thought the same thing. It's not like they had evil desires or wanted to harm him... geesh!

Plus, it would have been perfect if they had stewed their dinner instead of bbqing him. Then the guest really would have landed in hot water... :)

Anonymous said...

Because cat hair got into the soup, and it was just easier to fish it out with my fingers than the spoon. Not that this really happened to me. At dinner last night.

Anonymous said...

I know! What in the world would they have done to him if they *did* have something personally against him?


Anonymous said...

23) Body wash made from lobster pheromones.

17)Curious friends , who forgot what a difference the "r" makes.

57a)Saddam's ghost couldn't find enough vegetable oil.

13) The slippery slope .

fish said...

They were sentenced to between three years and life in prison.

3 years if they used a nice dry rub or homemade sauce, life if they used ketchup.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I'll give you that point, Brando. I will give you that.

Now vote for Hillary. Or suffer the wrath of AG...

Your choice, love button.

bjkeefe said...

Glad to see that I wasn't the only one who found the punishment ("They were sentenced to between three years and life in prison.") astonishingly vague.

I like Fish's explanation. It comforts me to know that Ukraine's efforts to grow away from the dreariness of life under the USSR have been so successful that they now have their own food snobs.

Another possible explanation for the spread in length of possible incarceration is that, in a combination of aversion therapy and the state wishing to get its budget under control, they will be released only after they have consumed the rest of the prison population.