Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays: What new shows are we pitching to Bravo?

Extra reality TV exemption from the writer's strike edition!

Story by: Jennifer
List by: Brando

12) Inside the Porn Actor’s Studio

11) Top Perkins Chef

10) Fleeing Bobby Brown

9) Make Me a Sears Catalog Lingerie Model

8) Lube, Oil & Unfiltered

7) Carson Kressley Exploits Every Gay Stereotype in the Universe and Invents Some New Ones

6) Hollywood Waxing

5) Get a (Key) Grip!

4) Real Housewives of Duluth Watch Real Housewives of Orange County

3) Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Syphilis

2) Project Product Placement

1) Let's Make a 60-Minute Reality Show Out of Anything!


Churlita said...

Was Growing Up Gotti on Bravo or was that A and E?

Jennifer said...

It's So-SoTV!!

fish said...

Celebrity Kidney Transplants.

Jennifer said...

fish- I'm now convinced you do nothing at work, but find obscure websites.

Brando- I seem to recall seeing some documentary listed on HBO about a reality tv show that involved eating a contestant. I want to say it was called American Cannibal... of course, this could have been a fever dream as well.

Anonymous said...

It's funny because it's true.

Kathleen said...

12) Watch Me Update My Blog

Snag said...

The Moose Whisperer.

Anonymous said...

America's Next Hand Model Search

( Co -STAN -za!)

Must Sleep TV!

"Moose Whisperer";"American Canibal " ? =))))))))

That gets me thinking....(I know. - Could be hazardous)

"American Cannibis"

Top growers from all over the country compete to see who's the best. The winner gets to work for Martha Stewart, and be featured on an episode or two . "It's a good thing" ;D

fish said...

fish- I'm now convinced you do nothing at work, but find obscure websites.

Have you forgotten your lessons so soon? If you believe a website should exist, it will exist.

fish said...

For example cats in sinks

Anonymous said...

He also does stuff in the men's bathroom, Jennifer.

Not that AG cares anymore!

Jennifer said...

Isn't it hard for a fish to take a wide stance?

fish said...

Be careful Jennifer, you are mocking a very powerful lobby...

Jennifer said...


Distributorcap said...

there is a reality show about a parking meter maid

i am serious!

BOSSY said...

13) WORKyourshitOUT On Network TV!

Brando said...

I love America's Next Hand Model Search. It could star Larry Craig!

I also understand why our zebrafish research is LOLlygagging behind the Japanese. Too many of our scientists are distracted by cats.