Wednesday, January 09, 2008

O-Bama Beret

Over at The Republic of Dogs (now with a new and improved Wordpress flea collar), Res Publica was talking about Obama's New Hampshire speech:
Still an amazing speaker. I still have no idea what he’s talking about. But it sounds great. I could listen to that shit all week, and I say that without any sarcasm.
This led to some discussion that while Obama has a great beat, people weren't sure about his lyrics. As Res put it, it's all blah blah change blah hope.

And maybe that's true. But then again, maybe it means Obama is just singing the catchiest political pop song since Bill Clinton's, "Let's Go Crazy (For This Centrist Agenda)." It's certainly much better than George W. Bush's "U Will Die 4 Me."

Here's what I think: Obama is the "Raspberry Beret "of the 2008 elections. You're not really sure what it's about, but it sounds great and makes you want to dance. Those blah-blah-blahs are really la-la-las. And what great pop song doesn't repeat its chorus over and over and over again?

That inspired me to write the following song about Obama.

(The Song Remains About) Change

Come stand with me for change
la la la la-la
and join the people on the range
la la la la-la
Who’ve become quite estranged
la la la la-la
with the policies of the deranged
la-la la la-la la la la

I am still fired up and ready to go
From my Iowa win and my NH show
Forget my words and just feel the flow
Cause you’re the grass roots and I’m Miracle-Gro

I don’t scream at all like Howard Dean
la la la la-la
and I'm black but don’t use Afro sheen
la la la la-la
Now even I don’t know what I mean
la la la la-la
But I’m still the best candidate you’ve ever seen
la-la la la-la la la la

CHORUS x 357

I know there are some A&R bloggers out there interested in signing me, but I already have a lifelong recording deal with TLB Matrimoniacals, Inc. The contract is ironclad, I have total artistic freedom, and the groupies are to die for.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you know I love this!

Is Oprah his Obama's Sheila E?

Anonymous said...

sans "his"....


Shut up, BP!

Jennifer said...

I've been corrected. Apparently Disney already owns you. :)

Chuckles said...

You made a slight spelling error, Brando: TLB Matrimaniacals, Inc. There you go.

Churlita said...

Apparently, I like that tune. At the caucuses, I was for Richardson. When he was no longer viable, I gave my vote to Obama - he had a good beat and you could dance to him.

BOSSY said...

Brave of you to associate a Beret with a potential President, don't you think?

Kathleen said...

George W. Bush's "U Will Die 4 Me."
I think I owe TLB $5 dollars now.