Monday, October 29, 2007

If you tag yourself too much, you’ll go blind

Blue Girl has this funky meme that seems tailor made for my blog. The idea is that you find five statements that, when typed into Google, list your blog as the number one hit.

Given the kind of search terms I find in my site meter, I thought this could be...enlightening. I also decided to up the degree of difficulty by not using “circle jerk” in the search, although the terms I did use showed the same level of charm, class, and sophistication.

5. mitt romney dry hump. I have to give credit to dooce for inspiration, because her blog was where I first read about what passes for a randy Friday night at BYU.

4. nipple nazi rat poison. This goes to The Lovely Becky’s favorite piece I’ve ever done. I was always sorry I never did another sketch show -- I would have loved to see this performed.

3. iraq quagmire ass bacon. It’s because I walk around with things like this in my head that I started this blog.

2. republicans longing clinton’s penis. Since I wrote this, the “clinton” part has really become superfluous.

1. girthy sodomizing tribulation. I’m not only number one for this term, I am the only result for this. That’s probably for the best.


Churlita said...

Now that's a tribulation I wouldn't mind having.

fish said...

I was profoundly disappointed to discover I was only #4 for fish masturbates. I am either not doing it right or not often enough.

blue girl said...

Brando, I did that meme thing so quick that I didn't take the time to really think through how to figure out easily what phrases would pop up.

Checking my stats would've been one way.


I think your meme wins by far -- from all the others I've read...


Kathleen said...

you all are killing me.

I was all set to try this, but now I am afraid.