Saturday, October 06, 2007

Home away from home

I didn't post a Random 11 yesterday because The Lovely Becky and I were on the road. We traveled back to Iowa City this weekend as part of our War on Infertility. You can get a lot at the local beaver trading post in Da UP of Michigan, but not reproductive endocrinology services. So we had to come back to Iowa for a quick visit to the hospital (the outcome of that will be forthcoming).

The body of our former home is still warm, and not just because of global warming. Coming into town was a bit like looking through a photo album, reminiscing about the past, and then stepping into the picture. By Saturday, after a trip to the mall (such a modern luxury!), I felt like we were still here, that the move had been part of some two-dimensional past stuck in a bound book. I'm sure that will reverse itself once we drive back up to our Sasquatch-infested new home.

There was a fun music-related event on Friday: I saw Suzanne Vega in concert. My friend Bob, who used to tour with Vega before he settled down in Iowa City, opened for her. The show was great, with Vega doing a cool version of "Left of Center" accompanied only by her bass player. Afterward, Bob and I hit the bar for a drink with Suzanne and the band. I sat outside on the main Iowa City drag, enjoying the warm weather, cool suds, and feeling like I never left.

Here's a clip of Suzanne Vega performing her new song "Anniversary" on David Letterman. I'll be back to regularly scheduled jerking after the weekend.


Brendan said...

I am troubled at the notion of you traveling with your wife to deal with infertility issues, and while doing so, stopping off at a beaver trading post.

Churlita said...

Did you drive by the old house? Did you at least get to see the signs that say, "Clapp" and "Hotz"?

Too bad we didn't hook-up this time, maybe next visit. I hope everything went will with your war.

Jennifer said...

Brando- did you take a ride on the carousel while at the mall?

Seeing Suzanne Vega sounds like it would have been wonderful, buy having a drink with her as well?? What a trip.

I hope your War on Infertility will soon be over... no jokes, just good wishes.

Adorable said...

I saw her once for free at LL Bean's free summer concerts in Maine.

She's awesome.

MichaelBains said...

Wow! Circle Jerkin' with Suzanne Vega and Bob, and THEN you get to go home (w/ The Lovely Beck of all people!) to Teh Sasquatcheses!


And ! for good measure.

Happy Travels, eh.

MichaelBains said...

I wonder why I left off her y...