Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

I just found out that the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards, or Bloggies, are going on. And the nominations are only accepted until 10:00 PM Eastern tomorrow, January 10 (there's a pretty big typo on the year, but it's tomorrow). I figure if Stephen Colbert can shill for votes, so can I, so if you're inclined, poke a Bloggie chad for your favorite blogs.

I humbly submit myself for the humorous category. I will also be heading over and casting a few votes.

Top ten later today.


Chuckles said...

I do like, but right now I am a Tuckered out.

That is the worst pun ever.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Dood, get over to Chuckwagon's place. He's got something that you and TLB could wax poetic about!