Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Top Ten Tuesdays: Why are we coming down with VD?

Americans set a new record in sexual disease cases. Why are we contracting VD so easily?

10) Abstinence education programs not preventing genitals being left in behinds.

9) NBA players on the road again.

8) Rampant popularity of Paris Hilton’s new fragrance, Clap.

7) Forgot to use toilet seat cover at GOP headquarters.

6) Slept with McAfee sales rep who refused to allow Trojans.

5) Played new, more potent version of Spin the Bottle which requires random sex act from urbandictionary.com.

4) After pastor said he would fill us with The Holy Spirit, we came down with Immaculate Infection.

3) Watched TMZ on TV without wearing full body condom.

2) Partner’s sexual history reads like Caligula’s autobiography.

1) Used faith-based contraception.


bjkeefe said...

being left in behinds


First prize for that phrase, all by itself.

Anonymous said...

Snag has flames in his diddle...

Churlita said...

I think this is my favorite Top Ten Tuesday ever!

Chuckles said...


Anonymous said...

11. Monica Lewinsky moved in next door.

12. Ann Coulter gave a speech in Philadelphia.

Snag said...

You're just brilliant beyond reason.

11) Wide stance=Window of opportunity

Anonymous said...

well played.

for once i have nothing to add

Anonymous said...

Is it Friday? It feels like Friday.