Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Top Ten Tuesdays: What defective products have we purchased from the Chinese?

Special extra dangerous edition!

11) Trident Gumm, the only gum made from actual tridents!

10) TiVo that only records government propaganda

9) Soylent Puppy Chow

8) Chinese water torture kit that delivers relaxing forehead massage

7) Steel wool jockstraps

6) General Tso’s Tastes-Just-Like-Chicken

5) Not-So-Brite Toothpaste

4) Finger traps made from recycled glass shards

3) The all-wheel drive Destructo with optional driver’s side body bag

2) Fisher Price’s My First Human Rights Kit (missing a few pieces)

1) Misfortune Cookies that predict grizzly death*

*probably from Chinese products


Chuckles said...

12. Bugged World of Warcraft characters.

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased an adorable lead onesie for my friend's new baby!

Anonymous said...

Um, about the soylent puppy chow...we do that in the US, now.

Have for many years used recycled meat byproducts...from the bodies of animals killed at 'humane' society and municipal animal impounds. Not to mention sick, dying and dead animals from farms and feed lots.

The bodies are picked up and rendered: fat goes to tallow works for soaps etc. bones go to fertilizer factories. flesh becomes 'meat byproducts', along with skin, cartilage etc.

So when you by name brand pet food products, you are feeding unwanted cats and dogs to your dear Fluffy and Fido.

I think that's nasty enough to eclipse anything China might send us...

Snag said...

13. A totalitarian system of government.

Churlita said...

The Trident gum one was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

i was going to say censorship, but snag beat me to it.

he beat us ALL to it

BOSSY said...

14) Iran.

Kathleen said...

15) America's soul

fish said...

16) Easy Finger Bake Ovens.

Anonymous said...

i'm surprised no one has gone here yet:

17) Democracy

Brando said...

aif, I tried to come up with one but they all sucked. I should have kept it simple. Usually GnR is comedy gold for me.

The Easy Bake oven thing is royally screwed up. Yikes.