Monday, July 30, 2007

So long and thanks for all the pork

Sorry for the lack of updates. The Lovely Becky and I have finally relocated to da UP. Last week was kind of a blur of farewells, last-minute stuff to do at work before I relocated my office to my house, and the actual move. I had a lot of random things I considered writing about, so I decided just to write randomly about things I did:

  1. Met three blog friends and plotted the takover of teh Internets wound up joking and drinking like we were old friends by night's end. The Internet--it's not just for boobies and cute animal photos with snarky captions. It's also a mechanism for meeting cool new people for completely nonsexual reasons.
  2. Had a conversation with friends about how much of one's penis has to penetrate for sex or "intercourse" to take place officially. My answer: 50% or more. The penis can only count in whole amounts. And yes, I've given TLB an excellent set up for a comment joke.
  3. Realized I was completely, utterly, bat-shittingly wrong about The Minutemen. I watched the documentary on them, We Jam Econo, with my friend Bob. It was like the scales fell from my eyes while pogoing to Damascus. I've been playing Double Nickels on the Dime religiously all week.
  4. Realized I was almost as wrong about The Simpsons Movie before I saw it. I thought it was going to be an aimless gag fest like the show has been the last few seasons. Let's just say they brought their A-game. Dianosis: hilarious!
  5. Enjoyed Bob singing to his son every night, so much that I am thinking about having him podcast it for me.
  6. Enjoyed the five-star accommodations Bob and SER provided while we were inter-moving refugees. We arrived to find not only that we had our own bathroom adjacent to our bedroom, but also robes and bottled water wating for us in said bathroom. We cannot thank them enough for putting us up and making our transient status so wonderful.
  7. Felt very sad to leave Iowa City. I thought about writing a long, probably overly sentimental post about leaving. But I realized that I could sum up how I felt pretty quickly: it's the most fun I've ever had anywhere. The friends we made and the experiences we had were life-changing. Leaving was tough, but leaving will never change what we got out of living there.
  8. Realized that even though I hated to leave, I was excited to embark on a new adventure with TLB. We are a team, and this move is great for her, which makes it great for me.

So that's it. We're setting up shop and moving onto Chapter 8 of the TLB/Brando story. As much as we loved Chapter 7, we have to keep turning pages to finish the whole thing.

And besides, I think Chapter 8 is when the threesome finally happens!


Anonymous said...

Brando, I am just SICK that I didn't get to meet all of you!!! This past weekend was the only weekend this summer when I could fulfill a family obligation and as I was driving through the city on my way out of town on Saturday morning, I knew you all were out there!!! If you heard yelling and sobbing, it was me!

Best of luck with chapter 8. I was not there for all of chapter 7... or any of the rest for that matter, so I look forward to being around for one since the beginning. I just hope you're around for the end... I won't tell you what Grizzled said when I said you were moving to the UP. I won't tell you!!!

Stay away from angry, conservative, gun-toting Ted Nugent-types. :)

Sorry for the long comment. OK, I'm not. :-p

TLB said...

Keep dreaming, buddy.

Anonymous said...

And besides, I think Chapter 8 is when the threesome finally happens!

YES!!! You know my email address whenever you're ready.

Oh, AG just told me you didn't mean that kind of threesome. D'Oh!

Seriously, Brando, that was so much crazy fun last Friday. I am thrilled beyond belief at getting to meet you and hang out for the afternoon and evening. AG and I should have some fun Chicago-related posts over the next few days.

Anonymous said...

Leaving was tough, but leaving will never change what we got out of living there.

See what a great sentence that is?! Love that.

Just like Jennifer, I'm really disappointed that I didn't get to meet you guys. I'm sure it was a ton of fun.

Is anyone going to do an in-depth post about the shenanigans? I need more scoop. I really do. Got any gossip? Did UC do anything really embarrassing, like eat food off the floor or anything?

I heard he crashed BlogHer, but Chuckles was very vague also.

I'm really counting on AG to come through.

Good luck with your move, Brando. You write so sweetly about TLB. I know I've said that before, but you really are a sweetie.

Motel Manager said...

While we are still mad at you for leaving, we're excited to see you on your next brief sojourn down here. It's funny to think of Iowa being "down" from anywhere. But you're way the fuck up there now!

Please post photos when you can. In particular, I would like to see the home-office setup.

Noelle said...

You mean there's more to the internet than meeting new people for sex? I've got to look into that.

Kathleen said...

what a beautiful post.
good luck with Chapter 8, Brando and TLB!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Rules are rules. What happened it Chicago, stays in Bossy's secret diary!

B-unit, I am soo sorry you didn't meet Bossy. It was funny because UC and Chuckles met her first on Saturday night and Chuckles was all, "I just met Bossy. And she is. AWESOME!"

She soooooo was.

TLB, we owe ya a trip to Michigan. We absolutely loved your husband and know that you probably can tell us some more great stories from the gimp party!!!!

Anonymous said...

What happened it Chicago, stays in Bossy's secret diary!


I cannot tolerate this rule.

It is unfair, I tell you!

I need scoop.


TLB said...

FUUUCK! Did Brando tell you about the gimp party? So much for some things remaining sacrosanct! I won't tell you who was the gimp, but safe to say it wasn't me.

Brando said...

TLB, baby, don't worry: they know we're not the ones that stole a certain item from that party. I did tell them about your mistaken identity, however.

Those clamoring for Chicago details: I cannot speak of it, for I am sworn to secrecy unless the others break the seal. I can only say that it was a Good Time.

Noelle, the Internet can do as much good as it does evil. Okay, that's not true, it does way more evil, but it does some good.

One funny thing: our cats have settled in more quickly than we have. The usual tearing around and feline grabass has gone done considerably and they have been unusually chill this week. Which makes me think something is up.

BOSSY said...

You'll be OK - you and The Lovely Becky bring the fun.

Churlita said...

Wah. Now who will I wave to at the beginning of my run when you are walking home from work? Will you guys come back and visit?

...And when you talk of threesomes, you mean TLB, you and another hot guy, right?

Grendel said...

Glad to hear you made it! Looking forward to more deets/pics on the new crib & life.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

We got no real details of the party, TLB. Just that it happened and some dude or dudette stole some party favors. Haters. Who steals from such a party?

fish said...

Chapter 8 is when the threesome finally happens!

Chuckles came home with you?!?!

Brando said...

Well played, fish. Well played.