Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Freedom baby, yeah!

It's Tuesday, and because a bunch of guys braver than me decided to give England the quill, I got to celebrate American freedom in a very Irish fashion last night, sleep in past the time I would have started work, and watch the exciting Germany-Italy match (aka Clash of the Fascist Titans) in sparkling ESPN hi-definition.

Plus I saw that we apparently don't need to worry about catching bin Laden anymore, so pretty much everything's coming up Milhouse.

Thinking that the rest of the day can't possibly get any better, that the grain can't be more amber or wavy or the sea more shiny if the USS Johnson's Baby Oil ran aground, what did I see a commercial for?

Snakes on a Motherf***ing Plane!

God bless America!

Happy Fourth, everyone.


Anonymous said...

yay, someone else that uses "coming up milhouse"

it was starting to get lonely.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are giving up on Bin Laden, but why are we still wasting money in Iraq? Oh yeah, the military industrial complex is making the moolah.

Hope your day off was fun!

Grendel said...

I was rooting for Germany, but was taken in by Italy's gumption and persistence. What a match! People say it's not exciting because there's not much scoring. They should have to watch the scoreless but tense 119-minutes of that epic duel...

Brando said...

Grendel, I am one of the converts this time around. I have tried to watch the World Cups since 1994 and had never really "gotten" soccer. But something clicked this time and I've been enjoying it quite a bit (although work has prevented me from seeing most of the matches). I'm looking forward to the final on Sunday -- if you're around, you should come over and watch it.

Tickle said...

I actually say everything is coming up Trissler. People seem to like that.