Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Top Ten Tuesdays: Why are we getting the band back together?

Special extended encore edition!

12) Drummer needs a new liver again.

11) Poured a little too much sugar on her and have to pay the legal settlement.

10) These Bentleys don’t run on back catalog royalties, mate.

9) What better way to celebrate our new marriages and new sobriety than going on tour!

8) Found out we needed much more than a good time if we were going to need nothing but a good time. *

7) Nostalgia for 80s music conveniently complements nostalgia for 80s greed.

6) Finally put aside creative differences with Jughead.

5) When we said we wanted to perform solo, the audience took us literally.

4) They not only threw in free admission to the state fair, they said we could be judges in the hog contest.

3) Because 20 years ago we would have died if we were on VH1...and now we’re dying to get on it.

2) We were motorin’ toward the welfare office.

1) Felt that we let our egos destroy the band before we really accomplished all we could accomplish, and this tour is our way...just kidding, turns out Andy never paid into Social Security.

*#8 is a special dedication to MSF


Churlita said...

Oh, it's so pathetic. I wish aging rock stars would start painting or take up crafts or something. It makes me so sad to see them all still trying to rock and be sexy when they're balding and look nine moths pregnant.

Andy and Stewart said...

"So we could get one more chance to brain that insufferable twat Sting with a snare drum"

Chuckles said...

I rather liked Omegaman.

Brando said...

Yeah, but "Mother" is one of the worst songs ever recorded.

BOSSY said...

13) Want to show off our freshly shaved heads.

PS Bossy loves the Police and she will try to ignore anything negative - even if it's in regards to Mother which - if nothing else - should be celebrated for its time signature.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

The band ain't getting back together.

Not going to happen ever since Yoko got in the way.