Thursday, February 08, 2007

Meet the new blog, smells like the old blog

Blogger finally delivered an ultimatum today: convert or die. I looked it and its Google overlord in the eye and said, "Okay."

I saved all my monthly archives, set up my new Google account, and pressed the convert button with the confidence of an extra on Lost entering the computer code while wearing a red Star Trek uniform. I winced, covered my genitals (sadly, with one hand), and pressed the button.

Two minutes later, Circle Jerk at the Square Dance 2.0 emerged. It's like I was in my own Staples commercial.

I haven't changed the look or anything because I am lazy and a bad artist. But I will probably start labeling the shit out of everything. You can already read every Top Ten Tuesday if you desire.

I think I have most of the stuff back in place, but if you see anything amiss, let me know. And I must tip my cap to the new Blogger -- that was almost as easy as I am after a six pack and an episode of Project Runway.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

AG is not impressed with 2.0. Let's go for bust on 3.0, shall we?!

Chuckles said...

Did you need to save or did you save out of paranoia? I am considering the conversion as well.

Brando said...

I saved out of paranoia. I save each month of posts to my computer, just in case something goes wrong.

It took a couple minutes to convert to new Blogger, then I switched over to the new template that makes it easier to change thing around. I lost my site meter and Technorati code and links to a couple blogs, but otherwise it was smooth. I'd save your template HTML to notepad just in case.

AG, are you referring to Blogger 2.0 or Circle Jerk 2.0?