Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Top Ten Tuesdays: How Are We Showing Our Bipartisan Spirit?

10) Allowing Democrats to take full responsibility for Iraq from now on.

9) Accepting that global warming is occurring but voting to not give a crap.

8) Promising not to filibuster any Supreme Court nominees for two whole years.

7) Offering to roll back tax cuts on George Soros.

6) Agreeing to put Rummy on the wagon.

5) Mandating that all pages and interns must be totally unattractive prudes.

4) Suggesting that illegal campaign contributions be shared equally with both parties.

3) Voting to keep abortion legal for all registered Democrats.

2) Promoting condom distribution in schools as long as the wrappers have abstinence prayers printed on them.

1) Tugging together on Bush’s shoulders until he can see daylight.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I like keeping abortion legal for my peeps. Can we also agree to have reasonable gas prices in blue states and screw the red staters who wanted the damn war?

Churlita said...

Can we put abstinence prayers on one side of the condom wrappers and Bazooka Joe bubble gum type jokes on the other? Then we can all be thoughful and entertained right before sex.

fish said...

Support for prayer-based stem cell research.

BOSSY said...

11) The Republicans are duck-taping Kerry's mouth shut.

almostinfamous said...

12) joint house resolution to pull out of iraq and invade a small island nation on the way out.

SPYDA said...

13) Investigate alternative sources of fuel... in Iran