Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Top Ten TuesdaysWednesdays: How did we blow our insurmountable leads?

10) Tried to lead underage page toward Congressional mounting.

9) Took too long to cover our tracks before the race.

8) Got slowed down carrying huge bags of coins through Ohio.

7) Failed to evolve our gameplan against scientific evidence.

6) Burned out our clutch hitting due to a faulty A-Rod.

5) Chased the wrong nut in the Axis of Evil shell game.

4) Lost our balance while taunting the guys behind us about our fairness.

3) Gambled with our moral authority and got called by a pair of middle fingers.

2) Slipped on some macaca while running.

1) Looked down and saw we were wearing Arizona Cardinals jerseys.


Churlita said...

My daughter is still going crazy over that Bears game. It was the opposite of the first George W. election in that she went to bed thinking they were going to lose and woke up only to find that they had actually won. Of course, The Bears won fair and square.

Oh, and "Slipped on some macaca..." hee, hee.

Brando said...

I lost at least three years off my life because of that Bears game. As Stephen Colbert would say, that's the craziest f!@#$%& thing I've ever seen.