Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Quick question for the technically proficient

Does anyone know if/how you can post an MP3 file in a Blogger post?

And if you have to link from another hosting site, is there any place you can do that for free/cheap?



Trevor Jackson said...

Yousendit and EZ Archive are the two most frequently used. I've used Yousendit before and know that one's free. It's a little more reliable than EZ Archive, which I'm guessing is also free. You just post the links to those file storage sites. With Yousendit, the user will have to go to the page and download. EZ Archive provides hotlinks you can embed. The files you upload to bot sites have expiration dates of like a week or so, after which they're deleted.

Let the posting of Rush files begin!

Hjorthen said...

You have to link to it. Myself I've been using nearlyfreespeech.net for the same thing (among other things) and while it's not free it's cheap and has so far worked well for my needs anyway.

Brendan said...

If you already have a Gmail account, visit http://pages.google.com/, where you can sign up for some free web space, hosted by Google.

If you don't have a Gmail account, I think they have removed the invitation-only restriction on signing up, or at least, they have for those already holding Blogger accounts.

The Google Page Creator is the default interface. It's a pretty smooth GUI/WYSIWYG app that lets you build pages without having to write your own HTML. If you prefer to hand-code, or at least tweak the GPC's created code, there's always a link to edit the HTML right there in the GPC.

I haven't done much besides sign up for an account and create a placeholder page, but it all seem straightforward to me. The interface feels a lot like Blogger's, unsurprisingly.

More info about Google Pages here.

Brendan said...

Argh ... "seemed" is what I meant to type last comment.

Brando said...

Thanks for the input!

Brendan said...

You'd think I'd get these things all together before clicking "Publish," but anyway ...

Here's a good page within the GPC help pages, titled "Can I add MP3s to my site?"

I also noticed that there is an upper limit of 10 MB on uploaded files. Thus, as was said in Wayne's World, "Stairway denied."

Brendan said...

You're welcome. I'll be quiet now.

Until the next CJSD post, anyway. ;^)