Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Top Ten Tuesdays: Why are our approval ratings plummeting?

Special stuck in meetings all day edition!

10) Accomplished mission of starting a long, poorly planned, unpopular war.
9) Accused of being incontinent or something.
8) Had a surefire way to win over the 18-25 male demographic, but Jenna refused to do the butt dance during State of the Union.
7) Nation dying to wipe that fucking smirk off our face.
6) Spending money like a drunken Naval Reservist.
5) Inherited dad’s male pattern approval rating.
4) Just the mere mention of our name gets people thrown out of office.
3) Made mistake of expanding not-liking-black-people policy to include Hispanics that don't want to mow our lawns, guys like Ken Mehlman, women who don't want their reproductive rights fisted by the long arm of the law, and the other half of America that didn't vote for us.
2) Our right-hand man is a giant Dick.
1) The liberal media just makes those numbers up. Now shut up and hand us that fiddle.

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