Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hugging a Zombie

Due to occult forces beyond my control, I was unable to show a certain zombie some love on Friday. However, I would be remiss if I did not thank Zombie Rotten McDonald (born Billy Pilgrim) for the endless amount of entertainment he has provided on his blog and in the comments section of many others. He checks grammar with the ferocity of an East German border guard asking for papers, refuses to apologize for his love of the band Rush, and was generous enough to let an Adorable Girlfriend crash at his place when she had no blogwhere to go (although I suspect he's on the couch--by choice, of course).

He's been a true blog friend and even though we've never met, I know he's a good guy. Even if he does eat brains. And I'll honor him in a way I think he'll appreciate.


Churlita said...

It is good to heart the zombie and the Zombies.

Jennifer said...

Yea Brando!! It's good to see you resurface, if only for a bit.

We know you're really not busy... you're just in Danny Gans mourning.

I love that song.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

East German Border Guards are tragically misunderstood (as well as being an excellent band name).

Danny Gans Lives!! It's a zombie movie.

Vonnie said...

Yippee Brando!! Another reference to The Zombies and THE Zombie!! Zoe told me to tell you she put you on the shall-not-eat-the-brainz of list.