Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Top Ten Tuesdays: How did we celebrate our Super Bowl victory?

10) Filled the streets of Pittsburgh with molten steel to preserve the city just as it was when the Steelers won their sixth title.

9) Overturned and burned any car with Arizona plates.

8) Went to Disneyland and shot up It’s a Small World.

7) Added masking agent to the postgame champagne.

6) Made a trophy out of the buffalo wing we choked on when Holmes caught the winning TD pass.

5) Added new love stains to our Ben Roethlisberger Fathead.

4) Called Kurt Warner to tell him it’s Jesus and, because he didn’t win the game, he’ll be left behind.

3) Vowed to not change out of Steelers jersey until next season, no matter how much wife threatens divorce.

2) Conceived our next child, Santonio Polamalu Tomlin (or Santonia if it’s a girl).

1) Put that sixth championship ring on something other than a finger.


Mendacious D said...

8) But we did that last year!

1) It could always go to the Six-Fingered Man.

11) Make the sign of the Flying Spaghetti Monster during trophy presentation

Brando said...

Isn't the sign of the FSM twirling noodles on a fork?

Churlita said...

I went to a Superbowl party where one of the guys wore two jerseys - Roethlisberger's and Reed's, just to be extra special cautious about a win.

fish said...

14) Oh, you always ask me to do that.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Got naked and ran thru the foutains of Dupont Circle.

Oh wait -- that's AG still celebrating the Barack.