Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Top Ten Tuesdays: Why are we resigning?

10) Thought it would be nice to use soul for a while before having to turn it over to the Devil.

9) Fled the ship once the water reached our second chin.

8) Couldn’t resist dream opportunity to smear a woman and a black guy in next presidential election.

7) Need time to prepare pre-indictment itinerary for fleeing the country.

6) Felt that after getting the nation to vote for a moronic, inexperienced, deceiving simp twice, there were no mountains left to climb.

5) Wanted to be able to arrange anonymous restroom blowjobs as a private citizen.

4) Couldn’t take one more mispronounciated word from the boss without committing suicide with the sharp corner of a Webster’s dictionary.

3) Plan to start a pro wrestling career with Rummy as The Denial Duo.

2) Who cares, is there cake in the West Wing breakroom?

1) Realized that after six years of our turds blossoming, we’re too stinky to keep working.


Distributorcap said...

the turds in bloom
just like perfume
deep in the heart of texas

goodbye kkkarl

Anonymous said...

11) just found an even more diabolical SOB who can further ruin america, the planet, and possibly the entire solar system.

12) PSYCCCCCH! not really resigning!

Noelle said...

Duh, it's because our FAMILY needs to spend more time with us! Although, the use of the soul thing is a pretty strong argument...

Chuckles said...

How much would it suck to be Karl Rove's kid?

Churlita said...

#4 is perfect.

BOSSY said...

13) Looking with breathless anticipation to releasing a book entitled, "If I did it."

Adorable Girlfriend said...

14. Need to start my own Monica Lewinsky Training School for hookers.

Too much competition in the GOP for young, white, boys these days...