Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Top Ten Tuesdays: What's distracting us from the real issues?

Special extra distractions edition!

12) Haircut prices

11) Faint light at the end of the tunnel that the president points to when he says “Iraq”

10) Every unidentified ossuary found in the Middle East that might prove that the Bible is true

9) The exchanging of matrimonial cockrings

8) Clip of dog that can’t stop licking himself

7) Licking ourselves

6) Asking what would Jesus do

5) Asking what would Jack Bauer do

4) Justice Department Jenga

3) Al Sharpton’s hair

2) Claiming that pointing out corruption, ineptitude, falsehoods, and bottomless stupidity is un-American.

1) Blogging about what’s distracting us from the real issues


Chuckles said...

13. Lasses frolicking in the spring rain. I tell you what.

Churlita said...

Wait. What were the real issues again? I got distracted by reading your blog.

Noelle said...

14. Laughing at This Video, feeling really bad about it, then watching again.

fish said...

I'm with Chuckles.

The re-emergence of the summer dress...

bjkeefe said...

Too cold yet here in Rochacha for summer dresses, unfortunately.

But by strange coincidence (re: #10), I just watched "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" last night.

Re: #11: Admitting there is a light, however faint, is the first sip of the Kool-Aid. Be very careful. There is no light.

Brando said...

Noelle, that video is really horribly funny.

bjkeefe said...

Awfully good, I'd call it.

Jake said...

13. Reassuring the general public that Jerry Falwell is, indeed, in heaven. We think.

Brando said...

Jake, if he's in heaven, I definitely hope I'm going to hell.