Monday, December 11, 2006

Top Ten Tuesdays: What's Making Us Ill?

10) Too many Stoli Poloniums over isotopes

9) Taco Bell’s Stuffed Bathroom Burrito

8) Britney Spears’ new perfume, Trashy

7) McTehran Holocaust Whopper with extra Bile

6) Engaging in unprotected shuffleboard

5) Some bad Chile

4) Applying five second rule to Oreo we dropped in the petri dish

3) Kick to the head from Crazy Joe Devola that makes us say, “Yo Yo Macacca.”

2) Christina Aguilera ringtone that gave us syphilis

1) Nothing, according to our HMO


Anonymous said...

UNACCEPTABLE. You posted this on a Monday. AG issues fatwa.

Brando said...

Great, I try to be proactive and I get a fatwa on my head.

Chuckles said...

The four pounds of Christmas cookies I ate for breakfast this morning.

Anonymous said...

12) The ChrisKwanzmukkah Turducken.

(notice how this is Bossy's answer to everything?)

teh l4m3 said...

11) The freezer is busted.

fish said...

Heading to the Wesfield Ukraine to stock up at the StemCells R US.

fish said...

Um, I mean Westfield.

Churlita said...

Are we done blaming spinach yet? It was my favorite villain for a while there.

Brando said...

Fish and teh, thanks for freaking me out. Ick and yikes respectively.

Bossy, Turducken sounds like what you get when you put a turkey and duck in a teleporter from The Fly.

Chuckles, you should have given some to your spider. Maybe that's why he keeps biting.

And Churlita, I think scallions are the new spinach for e-coli fashionistas.

Anonymous said...

Oh B-dawg, you know AG loves you.

Fish, you are expected at AG's blog! Seriously, he goes everywhere but his girlfriend's!!

Chuckie, they'll rot your teeth out.

Anonymous said...

13) Our foreskin, apparently.

teh l4m3 said...

Goddammit I'm not getting rid of mine! Forget that noise.