Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays: How are we reacting to the stock market?

Special extra volatility edition!

15) Sell! Sell!

14) Buy! Buy!

13) Fuck! Fuck!

12) Turning stock options into a papier mâché noose.

11) Telling the kids they won’t be going to Harvard.

10) Telling the kids they’ll be paying their own way for community college.

9) Converting to lesbianism and making Suze Orman our sugar mama.

8) Using 401k statements as rolling papers.

7) Officially un-retiring by turning in Wal-Mart employment application.

6) Conducting insider trading so we’ll get arrested and have some place to live until the market rebounds.

5) Exchanging stocks for more stable commodities like anthrax, mustard gas, and weapons-grade uranium.

4) Popping Wall Street into the DVD player and masturbating to our wildest free market fantasies.

3) Taking down our Alan Greenspan Fathead.

2) Switching client dinners from steak tartar and coke to McRibs and crack.

1) Rubbing Henry Paulson’s head for good luck.


Jennifer said...

Officially un-retiring by turning in Wal-Mart employment application.

I think this is now considered a high-risk job...

rotten mcdonald said...

17. Putting the heads of bankers on pikes along my driveway as a warning.

Anonymous said...

14) reopening that old atomic bunker that you never told anyone about

Snag said...

18. Using the salt from our tears to season our boiled potatoes.

Churlita said...

401.) Comforting ourselves with the knowledge that we won't be able to retire until we're 98 and the market just might rally by then.

Noelle said...

Just not opening the 401(K) envelope. What I don't know can't hurt me. Until I'm 65. (Or more likely 85.)

fish said...

I watched the "Wall St." clip and almost burst out laughing when he said "there are 32 vice-presidents, each making over $200,000 a year," all I could think of was this.