Wednesday, November 05, 2008


As much as I expected what happened to happened, it's still hard to believe it actually happened. My biggest hope is that the people I entrusted with this country's future will govern like a party that just kicked the other one to the curb.

Sadly, my comedy dream of Senator Al Franken seems to be coming to an end. This led to the following conversation last night:

Me: Looks like Al Franken is just barely losing. Oh well, I'm not really sure he would have been a good Senator. It would be like if I was running for the Senate.

The Lovely Becky: Yeah, exactly. No offense, sweetie.

Me: None taken. I would last about three days on the campaign trail. Some reporter would ask me, "Mr. Brando, what do you think about your opponent's accusations?" and I would say something like, "I think he should gargle my balls," and then it would all be over.

Speaking of The Lovely Becky, she has some serious election day cute over at her place.


fish said...

Still hope for Al.

Churlita said...

Hey, if Gopher can be a representative, why can't Al be a ssenator? Maybe he should move to Iowa and then run.

Noelle said...

That is one close vote, man. Minnesota's an odd place.

Snag said...

Minnesota's an odd place.

Why would you say that about the home of Jesse Ventura?

Adorable Girlfriend said...

When is AG going to see President Hillary?!!!!

rotten mcdonald said...

Minnesota is also home to Garrison Keillor.

and Prince.

And Paul Westerberg.

and MST3K.

Seriously, what is UP with that state?

dguzman said...

I want to see Joe Biden say "gargle my balls" to some repug dickhead--he's liable to do it!