Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays: How are we trying to stimulate the economy?

10) Putting our stocks in bond-age.

9) Drilling everything we can until we're lubed with cheap oil.

8) Trimming interest rates to make our borrowing power look bigger.

7) Sticking a large rescue package into the biggest Fannie.

6) Keeping inflation slow and steady so rising prices don’t shoot up too quickly.

5) Getting the dollar to change from a bottom back to a top.

4) Selling Hummers.

3) Shaving costs until we can see the bottom line.

2) Merging our assets together in the Mile High Club.

1) Trying to keep our rosy Bush from getting covered with massive amounts of Bernanke.


Kathleen said...

I find drilling works better if you start off lubed in cheap oil

Sally Rand said...

Erecting large, pulsing windmills for the ultimate fan dance to keep our strip mall lights burning bright so people will plop another quarter in and buy, buy, BUY!!!

billy pilgrim said...

by throwing myself into the pulsating job market, which Phil Gramm assures me is just fine. Any lack of employment opportunity is just in my mind; the proper mental attitude will pay for that gas!

Yes, I'm bitter and I don't even have any guns and I'm an atheist.

Churlita said...

All this talk of economy stimulation is making me feel so dirty.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

AG just sticks her finger up Fish's butt.

That stimulates something...

billy pilgrim said...

what the hell, AG, are you auditioning for Filthbot?

mikeinportc said...

" How are we trying to stimulate the economy?"

With 3-part rhetorical questions.

Oh.... you mean financially?


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Filthbot? Jay Jay has that sealed up.

AG is speaking from the heart. That's what AG's do when they get in touch with their emotions and work towards being better peeps.

You want your prostate stimulated, love button?!!