Friday, July 11, 2008

He's not dead, he just restin'

Sorry for the lack of updates and also being absent from other blogs the last couple of weeks. I started back at work on Monday and have had my hands full with catching up, then spending my evenings with my lovely daughter. I do have some new post ideas kicking around and hope I can have a little time to put them up this weekend.

Libby is doing great, eating like crazy and growing and looking at the ceiling fan like it's the coolest Pink Floyd laser show ever. The Lovely Becky is tired but hanging in there. There are certainly days when she feels like a human feedbag, but she nevertheless feels like a very lucky human feedbag.

One anecdote: We took Libby down to the local harbor on Fourth of July. She wore a cute little American flag dress that my aunt and uncle sent. Of course, there was red, white and blue up the ying-yang, including one boat that I swear had at least a dozen flags or flag-ish items on it. How did my daughter react to all this rah-rah patriotism?

She pooped herself.

That's my little girl!


Churlita said...

Oh my god. That's the same way I always respond to unbridled patriotism. Libby and I have so much in common.

Jennifer said...

The eldest lamblet LOVED the ceiling fan! We were convinced she was getting messages from the Mother Ship and that our old pound hound was the only one who could translate for her.

Good luck with balancing the schedule!

Noelle said...

All this patriotism makes me want to poop. I love it!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

I want to poop every time I hear GWB on Tee Vee.

Way to go Libby!

The Uncanny Canadian said...

Libby on America:

I don't want anybody else
When I think about you I poop myself
ahh ohh i don't want anybody else
oh no oh on oh no yeah

Jennifer said...

UC- If Libby is going to poop herself it's a good thing she's wearing divinyl pants.

fish said...

Brando is pining for the fjords.

almostinfamous said...

way to go libby!

mikeinportc said...

Guess them Amur-ika-hating, terr-rist-sympathizing , librul-pinkos are born,,'s a choice , that's right , ... being a patriotism-pooper is a choice! ..or... somthing.

Good to hear it's going well . :)

billy pilgrim said...

isn't Zero kind of young for editoriamalizing?