Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays: Why are we still blogging?

Today is the third anniversary of Circle Jerk at the Square Dance. When I started this blog, I never gave any thought to how long I would do it. I figured as long as I had dick jokes to tell stuff to write about, I would keep posting.

Now, though, some fine blog friends have questioned their very bloggy existences. It’s a crisis I know well. There have been times when I have thought about ending the blog. I am certainly grateful that fun, entertaining people find my writing fun and entertaining. But with an audience comes expectation, and expectation brings pressure to produce something for that audience that’s worth their time and attention. Sometimes, because of pressures external and internal, that can feel like a real challenge. Even though my blog is quite unserious, I take my blogging very seriously.

Luckily, every time I get that sapped feeling, it doesn’t last long. Maybe that lack of inspiration makes me look harder for something to write about. Maybe the pressures of work or personal life or whatever make me appreciate that I have a creative outlet right at my fingertips. Before I know it, I’m writing again and laughing as I type. And despite relishing the feedback of my audience, I know the first person I have to entertain is me. I hope I’ve done the same for all of you, and appreciate everyone who has ever popped into my humble abode here on the Internets.

On to the Top Ten topic: Why are still blogging?

10) Much better drunken creative outlet than writing name in the snow.

9) Employer refuses to let us use LOLCAT in client presentations.

8) Want children to understand why daddy drinks.

7) Have to alert the world that Chocolate Skittles are people! They’re people!

6) Only way to have a relationship with an adorable girlfriend without violating marriage vows.

5) Saturn doesn’t give cars to just anyone who wants to drive around the country.

4) Someone has to write down what the squirrels are muttering.

3) Mom still can’t find the key to the basement.

2) Because in the Blogosphere, no one can write you a rejection letter.

1) Praise from anonymous readers is the new cocaine.

A post about this past weekend’s Vegas trip will be forthcoming. No pants were soiled, but they were certainly removed. Repeatedly.


Jennifer said...

Very funny and thanks for the linky love.

Did you buy a Danny Gans onesie for TBD??

fish said...

2) Because in the Blogosphere, no one can write you a rejection letter.


Kathleen said...

12) without blogging, would not have added "cobag" "chili dog" "yarbles" "chundermuffin" "filthbot" "møøse" or "Danny Gans" to my daily vocab.

billy pilgrim said...

17) because you can't sob 16 hours a day.

billy pilgrim said...

34) Inflicting my opinions on people who don't want them is a hobby of mine, and the police don't let me do it on the corner of water and Wisconsin anymore.

billy pilgrim said...

100-A) because Jonah Goldberg won't ridicule himself, dammit!!

billy pilgrim said...

≥0.45) Because I want to be just like Pinko Punko.

Res Publica said...

1) Praise from anonymous readers is the new cocaine.

I keep waiting for some of those readers to send me some of the old cocaine. Hint to 2008 Bake-Off contestants.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Only way to have a relationship with an adorable girlfriend without violating marriage vows.

That was probably the sweetest thing anyone ever wrote. Take note, BP.

Brando, I love you, TLB, and Baby B. The Bs cubed are the best.

Noelle said...

Standing on a soapbox, yelling in the town center doesn't have the same pull anymore since everyone's inside playing Grand Theft Auto.

fish said...

K) Wii is broken.

billy pilgrim said...

yes, fish, I is broken too.

is that LOLfish?

Churlita said...

57) It's the best way to put really bad song lyrics into unsuspecting geek's heads.

At least, that's why I blog...

The Uncanny Canadian said...

17.a) Still trying to win Three Bulls! header contest

17.b) Still awaiting prize from Three Bulls! header contest

mikeinportc said...

17a & 1/2) If the typing slows down, the keyboard will explode .....oh, sorry...wrong movie

[ " Sandra, you're getting me all mixed up!"]


Good job Brando ! Keep it up (as long as you enjoy it)

ps: I had occasion to cite the Giant Eagles recently . :)))))))))))

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Do we know Mike? Was Mike in Vegas with you?

I love a new reader!!!

Brando said...

Mike, I saw your link over at Sadly No -- Thanks!

AG, Mike is one of the Internet souls who has discovered. He was not part of the twice-baked idiocy I participated in this past weekend.