Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Top Ten Tuesdays: What did we leave in Vegas?

10) Kids’ college funds.

9) Future paternity suit.

8) Old mob identity.

7) Healthy kneecaps.

6) iPhone loaded with password e-mails, contact information, pictures of our families, and all of our paranoia.

5) Every memory of what happened from 3:35 a.m. Friday through 10:13 a.m. Sunday.

4) Plenty of chances for blackmail.

3) Every last shred of dignity.

2) Faith in a just and loving God.

1) We’re not telling.

Note: the above are completely fictional and not at all a representation of what happened to a particular blogger this past weekend. Mostly.

Back tomorrow with a recap of this past weekend's trip.


Churlita said...

So, does that mean you won or lost? Or was there winning and losing and mostly things you won't admit to remembering?

BOSSY said...

11) Elvis, and he's alive.

(hope you had fun)

Noele said...

12) Ability to tell the difference between day and night.

Adorable said...

You forgot your virginity. Forgot it!!

Kathleen said...

13) liver

but on the plus side you brought back a Hard Rock Cafe commemorative beer stein!!!