Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Top Ten Tuesdays: How are we committing career suicide?

10) Accepting position in Bush administration.

9) Delivering the most embarrassing spectacle at the MTV Video Music Awards since Adam Curry’s hair.

8) Adopting a narrow stance on everything except our pants.

7) Letting John Daly pee for us.

6) Putting name and address on the collars of our fighting dogs.

5) Greenlighting show about the Geico Cavemen.

4) Giving Lorne Michaels a funny sketch for Saturday Night Live.

3) Not shooting well with others.

2) Believing that acting like a screeching, screaming, sobbing psychopath is no way to land a TV deal.

1) We don’t recall.


Brendan said...

Re #9: Aw, be nice. Adam was probably just channeling Keith Partridge. (Be interesting to see if anyone else here knows what this might mean.)

Re #7: Drug testing in golf? Sometimes, it's hard not to admit the Ayn-heads might be right in ranting about the "nanny state."

Re #2: This is the most amazing Web thing, isn't it? Even beyond Miss South Carolina. And the amount of spoofs of this guy is getting alarming. What if we all start acting like that?

Jennifer said...

I had almost forgotten about Adam Curry's hair! Damn you, BRAAAAANDOOOO!!!!!

Snag said...

11) Reading blog posts instead of working.

Brando said...

Here's the weird thing about Adam Curry's hair: it cannot be curled by conventional means. It requires silver curlers and hairspray made of belladonna and garlic.

The Britney Spears Fan video is the worst thing I've ever seen on the Internet. It's like watching a Flock of Seagulls roadie channeling Sybil.

Jennifer said...

"It requires silver curlers and hairspray made of belladonna and garlic."


You know, his hair looks a tad like Austin Scarlett's hair.

Churlita said...

So, all you have to do to get on TV now, is be a total freak and have a melt down? Most of the people in my office should have their own shows by now.

Adam said...

You are skating on very thin ice with the hair gods. You will all go bald (if not already happening).


almostinfamous said...

Here's how to commit marriage suicide... i suspect something similar is true of a career

Holly-ier Than Thou, Art said...

"Cavemen" is the latest in the ever declining wasteland of television. It's so bad the Washington Post, hardly a braintrust, is poking fun at it with an absurd list of commercial to TV show spin-offs.

AC said...

It's a new millennium, but my hair muse is still a'talkin'.

Brando said...

AC, if that is indeed you, thank you for stopping by this little El Camino on the Information Superhighway. And if it is not Adam Curry, kudos to the person for making me think it is him.

Incidentally, I would have killed to have been an MTV VJ back in the day.

Adorable said...

Snag wins!!