Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No top ten today

I'm going to put off the list until tomorrow. Just didn't feel very funny thinking about 9/11 today. I caught some of United 93 on cable last week, which I had never seen. The footage of the planes hitting is still chilling.

I had to go to work that morning, and I listened to ABC on the radio. I will never forget the sound of Peter Jennings's voice cracking as he said the first tower was falling.

As usual, The Lovely Becky says it better than I ever could.

Back tomorrow.


Adorable said...

Does the birthday girl have to suffer? A post of the top ten things AG deserves, but WON'T get for her birthday would have been perfect.

Churlita said...

My daughter pointed out that 911 happened on a Tuesday. We got a lot of bomb threat spam at work lately and of course they keep mentioning 911. It's all so stupid and sick.

Adorable said...

Interesting because on my 17th birthday (also a Tuesday), there was a bomb threat at school that day. It was before 2001.

9/11 has always been a larger than life force.

Maybe because the world is jealous of me!

Brando said...

Sorry, AG, didn't even think of that.

C, I heard about the threats at the U. What a bunch of fuckers.

Work is all up my ass today, but I'm going to post later.