Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Top Ten Tuesdays: Why are our SAT scores down?

Special lengthier edition!

SAT scores are the lowest they’ve been in 31 years. What’s the cause for the drop?

13) Preparation strategy to toke up while watching Old School over and over was not as effective as planned.

12) Kept having concentration broken by urgent text messages.

11) Had morning sickness during test.

10) Used writing portion to write essay for “Pimp My Ride.”

9) Were completely unfamiliar with SAT as there’s no reference to it in the Bible.

8) Harvard:legacy::fuck:this

7) Wanted to try for a higher score but couldn't find reset button.

6) Turned tests off and used computers to surf for porn.

5) Unable to call a lifeline or ask the audience.

4) teh kritical reeding sextion wuz 2 hard (heh heh)

3) Didn’t want to make the President look dumb.

2) Scores are actually up, we just did the math wrong.

1) Who cares, we just added 60 new MySpace friends!


Arden said...

This is hysterical! Thank you.

almostinfamous said...

14) no child left behind is working. we're now only leaving teenagers behind

scruffylooking said...

Number one is great - it's so accurate and so sad.

teh l4m3 said...

15: Couldn't find cheat codes on a Google search. Got GTA, though...