Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Top Ten Tuesdays: What are we saying while under the influence?

10) I, Pamela, take you, Kid...

9) Officer, I can totally get you a discount at any Hilton hotel.

8) Wait, wait, check it out...after we invade Iraq, let’s convert it to a Western-style democracy!

7) Maybe I should make a sequel to Clerks.

6) The Cubs could still make the wildcard.

5) Let’s get the Coreys back together again.

4) I will run in Connecticut as an independent.

3) You know what this movie needs? More Jar Jar.

2) What do you mean the margarita mix already had tequila in it?*

1) Becky, pull the car over.*

*Actual Brando quotes.


teh l4m3 said...

Yeah. I totally thought Clerks was cool and funny in 95. Meaning I would hate the original now -- and a sequel starring Rosario Dawson even more.

Although I could totally get with the Jason Lee action. That's hot.

blue girl said...

2) What do you mean the margarita mix already had tequila in it?*


You know, I'm just not sure one can drink *too much* tequila. 'Specially if you want to get all psycho-loco and start rippin' stuff up.


Ick. Tequila. Dangerous stuff.


Brando said...

I changed #10 around.

teh, I still like the original Clerks, but really don't care for the rest of his movies. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was terrible, as was Mallrats. Dogma had its moments for me since I'm similarly haunted by my Catholicism the way Smith is, but it's a pretty bad movie. And Chasing Amy is only worth it for Jason Lee -- I can understand the attraction.

BG, the tequilla story is that some friends brought over the margarita mix with the Cuervo in it. I did not know such a wonderous thing existed, so I proceeded to make three margaritas with extra tequilla. After the third one, I noticed I was already getting slurry, and I thought, "gee, I am really messed up already."

I went back to make a fourth and also one for my friend, Bob. When Bob drank his, he said, "Did you add tequilla to this? It already has tequilla."

"Well, that's a relief," I slurred. "I thought I was turning into a lightweight."

scruffylooking said...

Even when I'm sober I say, "Let's get the Corey's back together." It would be so funny and sad all at the same time.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

AG: Can I have my panties back now?