Thursday, August 25, 2005

A currency of kittens

The Poor Man, who is rich with biting commentary, notices a trend among many of the "professional wingnut class": they have positions at a variety of think tanks, places like the Center for American Happy Thoughts and the Institute for Advanced Liberal Nut-kicking.*

He also has a useful six-step plan to creating your own think tank. One of the things you have to have is a crackpot economic theory (e.g. the rich are being squeezed to death by the death tax). The Poor Man's theory caught my attention:

"America must adopt the kitten standard, making kittens the standard unit of account.

The advantages of using kittens as currency are endless. Kittens can be used to create more kittens, which will encourage saving. A first world economy based entirely on unneutered kittens can expect to achieve an average growth rate of 900% per year, which far surpasses anything possible under the current system. If you try to steal a kitten, it will scratch you."

Kittens -- the new silver standard.

*Not to be confused with the left-leaning Institute for Liberal Nut-licking. The New York Times always gets them mixed up.

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Pete said...

You might know that on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, kittens were the preferred currency among demon gamblers and loan sharks. The implication was that they ate them.