Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top Ten Tuesdays: What will we find out during the series finale of Lost?

10) Ben Linus commits an act of betrayal so terrible, he kicks his own ass.

9) The present, past, future, and sideways timelines converge to form an explosive “flash reacharound.”

8) The castaways defeat the Smoke Monster by trapping it in a giant cigarette filter.

7) During a time-travel sequence, Desmond runs into Scott Bakula, who helps Desmond lead the show to cancellation.

6) In order for the castaways to return home, the island demands a sacrifice of Kate’s top.

5) Sawyer finds a script called, “Series Finale.” He turns to the last page, only to find it blank. “Son of a—,” he says as the screen cuts to black and “Don’t Stop Believing” plays.

4) Jack encounters a freak Socratic Vortex that forces all of the show’s questions to be answered with more questions.

3) Out of all available travel options, the survivors escape by constructing a raft out of Hurley.

2) The real source of the island’s mysterious behavior: a deranged Bobby Brady rubbing a tiki he calls “Alice.”

1) The cast turn the wheel and wake up on a new show called Found, set a mysterious customer service counter that may or may not be purgatory.


Von said...

Great post!! I cannot wait for the 7 1/2 hours of Lost that will be on on Sunday!!
So curious as to how it ends!

The Uncanny Canadian said...

11) At the climactic moment, Charles Widmore informs us that every question he answers will simply lead to another question. Flash to white.

Kathleen said...

sooo funny! much funnier even than I was expecting!

Noelle said...

Any one of those would be acceptable to me, but the Brady Bunch tie-in would be the best.

Jennifer said...

They find a strange cave that contains 7 strange voodoo dolls.

Churlita said...

I've never seen one episode of Lost, but apparently I don't have to. Everyone talks about it so much. Will they all wake up to find out it was all a dream?

"The present, past, future, and sideways timelines converge to form an explosive “flash reacharound.”"


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

18) guest spot by Danny Bonaduce. what the hell, they're doing it on SMDS and he needs the work.

Mendacious D said...

8a) Two words: bong rips

Kathleen said...

I've only seen the very first episode, Churlita, and I feel the same.

Brando said...

I love the show. Assuming they don't completely blow it with the series finale and make me dislike the show (the way Battlestar Galactica did), I'd really like to watch the whole series again. While it certainly wasn't perfect, I think it's the most interesting TV show I've ever watched.