Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Top Ten Tuesdays: What are we not recalling? (Part II)

10) Uh...

9) Just a sec...

8) Authorizing torture? No, that's seared into my memory like a cigarette burn.

7) Allowing wiretaps? I do recall that because I just listened to the secret tapes from that meeting.

6) Habeas Corpus? Sorry, don't speak Latin.

5) Starting a fire? That’s close, but I seem to recall someone saying we didn't start the fire.

4) Firing! That's it. But firing what?

3) A gun? There is this big hole in my foot. We’re getting warmer.

2) An e-mail! Firing off an e-mail! That's what it was!

1) What was in the e-mail? Let me answer that with a song...

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