Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hollywood's pro-corpse-eating-pig agenda

I am kind of on a television kick this week and happened to come across World O' Crap's dissection of Townhall's Emmy predictions. For those of you that don't know, Townhall is the kind of place that can write, "Alan Keyes is running for Senator" without giggling.

The Townhall author, Megan Basham (how appropriate), pretty much decided that only the most vulgar, agenda-driven shows would win because the entertainment industry is just one giant Hate-America Fifth Column. Case in point: her prediction of why Deadwood would win best drama.

It’s amoral, features plenty of nudity and foul language, and depicts white settlers engaging in every kind of reprehensible activity while oppressing an array of innocent minorities--everything the Academy could wish for. It even boasts human-corpse-eating pigs. That plus the fact that nobody watches it makes “Deadwood” a shoe-in.

Of course, as we all know, it was actually the minorities oppressing white folks in the Old West.

Was she right? Is Hollywood corrupting our children via Caucasian-eating pigs on premium cable stations? As WOC points out:

So, Megan ended up correctly predicting two winners out of seven -- proof that Hollywood hates conservatives, the flag, and everything that is good and decent.

Next up, Megan will disucss why The Weather Channel hates George W. Bush.

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