Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesdays: Why are we rich folks so unethical?

Special extra crass for gold edition!

15) Final test of Skull and Bones initiation is to take candy from a baby.

14) Inherited an insatiable taste for precious metals at birth.

13) Moral compass doesn’t come standard in Rolls Royce.

12) Refuse to be common when it comes to decency.

11) Capitalism is spelled with two I’s, not a bunch of U’s.

10) Tend to fall from grace more quickly due to weight of golden parachute. 

9)  Consider it consensual when our naughty investors practically beg us to Ponzi their assets.

8) Colorblindness makes it impossible for us to see black and white, only green.

7) Would gladly have a conscience if they sold them at Tiffany’s.

6) Don’t consider it insider trading if it happens outside on the golf course.

5) Our health plans fully cover bleeding hearts.

4) What you call “cutting people off in traffic” we call “promoting the Bentley brand.”

3) Nice guys finish last and we graduated suma at Harvard Business School.

2) Got used to having people clean up our shit after we got the key to the executive washroom.

1) Laws are for people who can’t afford lawyers.


Substance McGravitas said...

Last ethicist hired complained about the beatings.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

11) is pretty awesome.

Brando said...

Thunder, I had you and almostinfamous in mind when I wrote that one.

William W. said...

I actually see many of the ultra-wealthy as more delusional and unaware than anything else. The super-evil ultra-wealthy (such as Cheney or Romney) are probably the one percent of the one percent...Any takers? Or am I being too nice and serious?

almostinfamous said...

grand slam home run!

almostinfamous said...

@William - you dont get to be the 1% without you or your immediate ancestors being complete dicks if not outright evil. it's not a feature, it's a pre-requisite.


Brando said...

Money is tied to power and power is tied to a sense of entitlement. Nothing embodies that more than Romney's campaign. He is the picture-perfect 1% candidate.

fish said...

Capitalism is spelled with two I’s, not a bunch of U’s.

what about capitioulsim.

Brando said...

fish for the win.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Too concerned with creating jobs to worry about ethics.